What Seeds Are You Planting in Your Business This Spring?

April 23, 2010 Danielle Learning Moments

ITwo! have been in Spring Cleaning mode here.  Up until yesterday we enjoyed seventy degree weather for a few weeks.  It was wonderful!  I have basically reorganized and purged most of my home!  This week my husband and started a Square Foot Garden.  SFG is container gardening.  We have not yet planted anything because it  is too cold still.  The day after my husband build the box and put in the soil it snowed!!  As I was thinking about the seeds we are going to plant and the harvest we will receive in several weeks, I started thinking about business!

What kinds of seeds are you planting?

As you know with any plant there has to be a growing period.  You have to nourish that seed.  You need to protect that plant.  Then harvest at the right time!  So what seeds are you planting.  In other words what do you want to harvest?  When I was at NAMS in January Mark Hendricks talked about how you need to have the end in mind.  This is the same idea! Do you want to build a list?  Have an increase in traffic?  Or do you just want an increase in income?

What will you do to nourish that seed?

So the seed has been planted in your mind as to what you would like  to harvest, now what?  It is time to go to work.  With a garden you have to consistently weed and water.  So how do you nourish your seed?  To build a list you need to get the word out, provide an incentive and maybe do a Telesummit or guest blogging.  To increase traffic do link building, guest blogging, consistent blogging on your blog, maybe some pay-per-click or advertising some other way.

The nourishing of this seed needs to be consistent.  This will be every day work or at least several times a week work.  It will be work where sometimes you get really dirty.  This is essentially the work you will do to make the harvest all worth while.  If you forget to water for a week your work will be a loss, so don’t let things slide!

When will the harvest come?

Now is confession time for me!  This is where I often fall short with my business.  I get impatient!  If you know anything about gardening you know that each one of the vegetables, flowers or whatever it is you are harvesting has their own time frame.  For instances squash takes about eight weeks from the time you plant to the time the vegetable is mature.  Broccoli on the other hand takes sixteen weeks to mature.

radish sprout
This is the same for business.  We don’t know when the business will be ready to harvest.  What I do know is that we need to have patience.  I also know that there will be signs of growth they let you know the health of your business.  With a plant we will start to see sprouting very soon after planting.  This is the same with your business, you will start to see people joining your list or coming to your website.  If you don’t see this kind of sprouting then you change what you are doing.  If you have too many things going on then you may be choking out your plant just as weeds do with a plant!  This is the time to get those weeds out.

So the question is: What Seeds Are You Planting in Your Business This Spring?

Decide on your objective.  When you do this make sure the market wants what you have.  Our family doesn’t like squash so it would be pointless to grow squash because it wouldn’t get eaten! Next make a plan, how are you going to get that seed to grown?  Then plant or in other words take action!  Nourish by working your plan consistently.  While nourishing you will need to watch for growth and adjust accordingly.  Sometimes you will need help when you don’t see the growth.  There are business experts everywhere.  You can join a mastermind group that will help you with the adjustments you will need to make in your business!  As you see growth you will know the harvest will happened.  So if you are looking for an increased income, a larger list or more visitors to your site you be enjoying this harvest!

You Reap What You Sow!

Haven’t we all heard that you reap what you sow.  It is true if we sow procrastination we will reap delayed dreams. If you sow a consistent, focused, hard work you will reap a stable business. The summer fades so quickly
A few finally things to remember.  Be patient with yourself and your business!  This is all about growth!  Be consistent with your plan. Always remember what your objective is.

If you plant an apple tree you will not have to do as much work for consistent harvests.  Just as an affiliate marketing business.  Once you get that website harvesting to the level you want you will not have to give that website the same amount of attention.  You will need to continue to build links and change bad links.  You will also need to email your list once a week.  So a few hours a week is all your will need to maintain that harvest!

So with all these things in mind go out and build your business by planting, nourishing and harvesting!

Off to plant,

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