Tell Me Thursday: In the Closet

July 8, 2009 Danielle



Yesterday I promised I would tell the story behind this picture.  This is our coat closet. When it was christmas time I put our magazine basket in there.  I have never taken it out.  I haven’t seen the need to.  In the picture you see my 8 year old son. He is one that will disappear for and hour or two upstairs and I will find him reading by our bookshelf.  He loves books!  One day last week I believe I asked him to get something or put something away in the closet.  After a while of me doing other things.  I looked over and I could just see what you are seeing.  He got out a children’s church magazine call the Friend and was reading it! I love this picture because as a mother I feel if I can teach my kids to love books they will succeed in anything they do!  It is kind of funny, he never knew I took it until I showed him the picture today on the internet.

If you have a wordless Wednesday picture share the story with us on Tell Me Thursday!

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