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June 29, 2009 Danielle Recommended Products

I have been absent from the blog for a few days and that is not like me.  I don’t have much of an excuse either.  Okay maybe I do.  I got a bit ahead on my intern blog, Mom Giveaways. That was so nice since I have felt like I was behind for the past few weeks.  I gave plasma on Friday! I am sure that I have mentioned this before but for extra money to get my business started I am donating plasma.  It has been a great blessing because my husbands hours have been cut a bit at work and this extra money has gone to buy some groceries as well!

Coupon systemOn Saturday, I went to my sweepstakes club meeting. That was so much fun!  I won a big stack of envelopes.  I am so inspired by these woman! I had a sick daughter.  My 2-1/2 year old had a barking cough on Saturday night.  She was fine when she went to bed but at 11pm she woke up barking like a seal. She ended up sleeping with me (my husband works at night) and she kept me up with her breathing, snoring and coughing!  This weekend I was also able to get all my coupons clipped and put away on the left is a picture of my current organizing system.  I learned this system from Money Saving Mom.  This system with be changing very shortly.

Save more money on my budget!

Yesterday in my paper there was an article on the Savvy Shopper.  She is great at matching coupons and sales.  She had a great binder system for coupons.  I used to have a binder that I used for my coupons but when I started selling on ebay I let that go.  So yesterday I pulled out my binder and I intend to fill it up this week with  all my coupons! I am really impressed with how the Savvy Shopper Deals work.  I believe I am going to start following her ways.  I have been really good with coupons for a long time but she shared some tips that I have not used yet!

Ebay partner network denied me!

Another thing that happened this weekend is I got denied as an affiliate of ebay!  The worst thing about it is ebay never gives an explanation on anything!  Ebay has been working really hard lately to make sure that customers are taken care of but the do not in my opinion take care of sellers!  I have been a powerseller and I have excellent feedback ratings and they will not allow me to be one of their affiliates.  I think they are really missing out on some income because I was going promote them really hard.  Not so now!  That was my big disappointment for the weekend!

I have a date!!

This is the beginning of a fabulous week.  My husband and I are going on a date for the first time in over nine months!  We are going out to see The Proposal with Sandra Bullock!  We were planning on going camping tonight but instead he is taking me on a date.  This week is also the beginning of my ninth week as an intern for the Mom’s Talk Network. I have had such a great time and I am excited to move on to other things!

My future in affiliate marketing.

It is also a great week because I feel like I have a focus.  More than I have in the last few months.  I have been listening to and learning a lot from Lynn Terry from Click Newz.com. It has helped me determine exactly what I need to do next.  I plan on really focusing on Affiliate Marketing first.  Then my next step is work on my genealogy website and podcast.  I am really excited about this next step.  I think it will be fun, adventurous, educational, profitable and probably a bit trying at times.   I also started Jimmy D. Brown’s Affiliatenaire this weekend! I will be receiving a lesson with an assignment each week of the year.  Jimmy gives step-by-step instructions on how to start affiliate marketing!  I am starting my assignment today.

With all that I have going I am so excited for this week.  I have a lot of learning and growing ahead of me!


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  • Deborah Goodman says:

    Seriously, Girl, how do you have to time to do all that you do?! I need to take organizational lessons from you because I can barely get the laundry done! How are you? We haven’t chatted in awhile. We need to get our children together to play this summer.

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